Monday, March 28, 2011

Phonological Awareness

Lesson 1 – Listening

Understand what we use when we listen.

Recommended book:
The Ear Book – Dr. Seuss

What to do:
  • Talk about what we actually do when we listen.
  • Stress the behaviors that show how well we are listening:
    • Eye contact
    • Sitting still
    • Responding appropriately
  • Discuss how fidgeting, talking to a friend and not paying attention interfere with listening.

Lesson 2 – Make some noise!

Focus listening/attending behavior
Become aware of a variety of ways to make sounds
Follow directions to start/stop noisemaking

Recommended materials:
drums, bells, horns, pots/pans, game buzzer, toys that talk

What to do:
  • Talk about the different ways we can make noise (clapping, snapping, stomping, mouth noises, etc.)
  • Talk about how we can turn them on and off.
  • Make some noise together and then say “off” or “stop”
  • They may not respond right away. Calmly, say it again. You may also want to use a hand motion or a picture of stop sign.
  • Practice until the child learns to respond quickly and appropriately to the commands.

Lesson 3 – Hearing Sounds

Learn that objects and people make sound
Learn that there are many different types of sounds
Encourage children to respond to verbal cues
Learn that you hear sounds

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