Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Review: Feeling Happy

I keep forgetting to share this book: Feeling Happy by PBS Kids

I love this book for speech therapy! I especially love it for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) kids because it goes through 10 (maybe 8.. I can't remember) different emotions. Each page allows the child to turn a wheel to match the emotion face to the animal in the story. Each page has short rhyming sentences to let you know the situation and the emotion that resulted. The last page has an overview and encourages the child to choose how they feel at the moment. There's also a section in the back to parents about encouraging and teaching emotion words to their kids in everyday life.

I sent this book home for a couple of weeks with a sweet, higher functioning boy with ASD who has had a LOT of difficulty regulating and expressing emotions appropriately. With a LOT of reinforcement and encouragement from his wonderful mother, he has started identifying emotions in the characters on tv and movies! I can't wait for him to tell me he's angry or upset instead of screaming and losing control.... now just to master "why" questions so that he can tell us what has caused this unwanted disruption in his emotional control!

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