Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I April Fool You!

So the little brothers are at it again :) We were joking with them and playing april fool’s jokes. They started joking back. It went a little like this: (CJ is an 8 year old boy)

CJ: Ms. Rachel, Bwelon (big brother) is behind you.
Rachel: No he’s not. Now say /b rrrr alon/
CJ: I April Fool You! /b rrrr alon/. But he is behind you.
Rachel: No he’s not and if he was i would know.
CJ: How?
Rachel: I have eyes in the back of my head.
CJ: Let me see
Rachel: (turns and lets him feel for eyes for a minute and then spins around and barks/screams so loud)
CJ: (screams like a girl and jumps 50 ft out of his chair)
laughter all around
CJ: Ms. Rachel, you scared the mess outta me! I think my heart hurts… like a heart attack.
Rachel: I April Fool You!!