Thursday, October 11, 2007


4 yo little girl with deletion of final consonants… we have been working on various ending sounds, most recently we worked on T vs. K at the end. She gets them confused a lot. I was going through some animal flash cards to get her to produce final consonants. I held up a picture of a bird with the word”parakeet” at the bottom and expected her to say “bird”. She looked at it very hard and finally said… “parakeet”. I said, “how did you know that was a parakeet and not just a bird”. She says, "I can read words just not boots”. (sounds like books with a T instead of a K)

**We have 2 brothers in therapy right now and they are just too much fun. Every child in this family has been through our clinic. The older one was very quick to let us know that the younger one “don’t say his wuds wight”.

**I had a little 94 year old lady with unilateral vocal fold paraylsis due to an intubation experience. The first time she came in she was a classic case of diplophonia. This sounds just like the scary voices in scary movies. It’s almost like a really freaky echo. She worked very hard and within 2 weeks she was back to 100%. She couldn’t stop thanking me. It was just too sweet.

**I got certified for Vital Stim the last weekend in sept. It is amazing. I’ve already got my first patients and they’re doing great!

**We have a kid that can do the soulja boy dance exactly…  You should ask your kids what their favorite dance move is. They might just surprise you.